• Connect your Navigator V to your computer with the USB cable supplied. The operating instructions are saved as a PDF in the "OwnersManual" folder or on the Navigator V page in the Downloads section.
  • The difference is straight-forward: the version for the navigation preparation does not include the 4-button mount cradle, as the mount cradle is already fitted at the factory.
  • Yes. The device has a microSD card slot for maps with up to 64GB (SDXC map). The memory can be used both for additional maps as well as for saving MP3s. Make sure that SD cards are formatted as FAT32. The exFAT format is not supported.
  • The device has a microSD card slot for maps with up to 64GB (SDXC map). The memory can be used both for additional maps as well as for saving MP3s. Make sure that SD cards are formatted as FAT32. The exFAT format is not supported.
  • Yes, all maps which are available from Garmin or for Garmin devices can also be used with the Navigator V. Additional maps can be purchased both from BMW Motorrad and from Garmin. You can find an overview of the available map material from Garmin on the Garmin website.
  • Errors in the map data can be reported to Garmin using the Base Camp program for further processing. To do this, connect the Navigator V to your computer and open Base Camp. Now you can report the error by right-clicking on the map view under the option "Report map error".
  • In order to be able to use the Navigator V in the car as well, a car set consisting of a cradle with integrated speaker, a holder for the windscreen and a connecting cable are required. This can be acquired as a genuine BMW accessory with the part number 77 52 8 544 460.
  • This is generally possible. The Navigator V fits into the holder and the battery power supply also works. However, unlike the Navigator IV, the Navigator V doesn't have a built-in speaker. And the car set for the Navigator IV also has no speaker, meaning vocal announcements cannot be heard. This is why it's better to use the appropriate car set with integrated speaker for the Navigator V.
  • Agreement to the terms of the licence is only required as long as the device has not yet had any satellite reception and as not yet been moved. After your first ride with the Navigator, you no longer have to confirm your agreement to the terms. Reception alone is not sufficient for this. The Navigator must also be moved.
  • When transferring using BaseCamp, routes and favourites are permanently saved on the device. If you want to permanently and irreversibly delete all routes and favourites from the Navigator, first do this in the device by deleting routes and favourites in the corresponding menus. Then connect the device to a computer and delete all files in the subfolder /GPX where routes and favourites are stored.
  • The LIN-Bus (Local Interconnect Network) is the newest and most universal serial communication system in the vehicle. This is an open standard "beneath” CAN and is used where the CAN-Bus technology is too time-consuming. LIN facilitates a simple communication for intelligent sensors and actuators for which the band width and flexibility of the CAN is not required.
  • TMC is the abbreviation for Traffic Message Channel. TMC is traffic information which is transmitted by many transmitters along with radio programs. The TMC information cannot be heard in the radio signal, but can be decoded with suitable receivers. The information can then be used by the automatic route planner for instance to avoid routes with congestion or hazards.
  • Text-to-speech means first and foremost more convenience for the Navigator V user. Because the vocal announcement not only says the direction but also the road name. This prevents mix-ups when turning and simplifies the navigation. Previous vocal announcements had always been spoken by a real voice and pre-recorded. The vocal announcements were then put together if required from the corresponding sections of an announcement and played back. If you had wanted to use pre-recorded road names, it would have been necessary to digitise all road names in the map material, which would have been impossible given the volume. Text-to-speech on the other hand actually reads out text by effectively emulating the human voice. It therefore does not work with pre-recordings, but knows how to stress each letter, syllable and their combinations. The result is an announcement which makes navigation significantly easier for you.

Bluetooth general

  • You can connect Bluetooth communication systems, mobile phones, smartphones and other Navigator V devices with your BMW Motorrad Navigator V.
  • No, this is not possible. The BMW Motorrad Navigator V's Media Player is only active when an A2DP-capable headset is connected via Bluetooth. If no Bluetooth headset is connected, the BMW Navigator V only emits vocal announcements via cable for a BMW Motorrad audio system.
  • Yes, this is possible. For the K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL and R 1200 RT motorcycles, the vocal announcements are played back when connected with the audio system optional accessory via the onboard speakers. When using the car set for the BMW Motorrad Navigator V (part number 77 52 8 544 460) the vocal announcements are played back via the speaker integrated into the car holder.
  • Convenient and practical: routes and favourites can be exchanged via Bluetooth. When transferring routes, slight deviations in routes may occur if the same road map is not installed on both devices. As the route is always recalculated using the map data on the corresponding device.
  • No, the Bluetooth data transfer between Navigator IV and Navigator V is not possible, as the Navigator V has a newer internal system for saving routes (called Trips), which is not compatible with the Navigator IV. The Bluetooth data transfer to a Navigator Adventure is not possible, as this does not support Bluetooth. The data transfer between two Navigator Adventure devices runs via an ANT Standard.

Bluetooth communication

  • Yes, the Navigator V has a built-in Bluetooth interface. You can therefore use it together with the BMW Motorrad communication system. So vocal announcements from the Navigator V can therefore be transferred wirelessly into a BMW Motorrad helmet. This does not interrupt the intercom connection between two BMW Motorrad helmets. The vocal announcements are only transferred into one helmet here (the rider's helmet). If there is also a Bluetooth-capable mobile phone as well as the Navigator V, this is connected directly with the Navigator V instead of with the helmet. It can be conveniently operated using the Navigator V. This way, incoming calls are displayed on the Navigator V with the phone number. You can also accept or reject calls via the Navigator V. You can even dial. Here, the Navigator V acts as a keyboard.
  • Yes, this is generally possible. However, we are unable to guarantee that it will work without any problems. For optimal functioning, the use of a BMW Motorrad communications system is recommended.
  • The respective operating instructions describe the procedure for connecting Bluetooth devices to the BMW Motorrad communications system and the Navigator V.
  • Yes, this is possible. However, the vocal announcements and also the music from the Media Player can only be heard in one helmet. So if you want to use the Navigator V with two BMW Motorrad communication systems, you first have to connect it to a helmet (the rider's helmet). The second helmet is connected with the first helmet as described in the BMW Motorrad communications system operating instructions. The intercom connection remains intact even during the vocal announcements from the Navigator V.
  • The volume of the BMW Motorrad communications system, controlled via the MMC controller, requires the latest BMW Motorrad communications system software version v250. The software is available free of charge from your authorised BMW motorcycle dealer.
  • No. The volume control via the MMC controller requires that the Bluetooth helmet permits the volume to be controlled remotely. The remote control with the MMC controller is only supported by the BMW Motorrad communications system.
  • If you use the Navigator V together with a BT communications system, we recommend switching off the key tone and the touchscreen tone. To do this, go to the main page of the Navigator V and press "Volume". On the next page, press the spanner in the top left corner. To switch off the key tone, remove the green tick by pressing "key tones".

Bluetooth mobile phone

  • As the Navigator V does not have any built-in speaker, this message is displayed if there is no output medium for audio. So a phone connection is therefore only permissible if a Bluetooth headset or helmet or the car set (with activated power supply) is connected as well. The SmartPhone connection via Bluetooth of course always works without headset or CarKit.
  • If a phone call is in progress via the Navigator V and a connected Bluetooth mobile phone, the vocal announcements from the Navigator V are suppressed to the benefit of the phone call. However, a warning sound signals navigation commands during a phone call. You see these at the same time on the Navigator V screen.
  • No, this is not possible. The BMW Motorrad Navigator V cannot forward any music via Bluetooth. Please use the Media Player integrated into the BMW Motorrad Navigator V instead.

Navigation preparation

  • The navigation preparation of the K 1600 GT / GTL and the R 1200 GS are very similar and are based on the same technology. However, the Multi-Controller on the R 1200 GS controls the Navigator V directly. Whereas the Multi-Controller on the K 1600 GT / GTL controls the instrument cluster which then sends short commands to the Navigator V.
  • No, no special version of the BMW Motorrad Navigator V is required for the R 1200 GS. Because there are two different possibilities for the Navigator V. The version for the navigation preparation does not include the 4-button mount cradle, as it is already fitted to the R 1200 GS.
  • The navigation preparation includes the Multi-Controller, the mounting bracket and the Mount Cradle via the instrument cluster. The individual components can also be retrofitted later.
  • No, this is not possible. The navigation preparation requires the LIN Bus. This is not available on R 1200 GS models before 2013.
  • Yes, the Navigator V with the 4-button Mount Cradle included in the package can also be used on the R 1200 GS. For fitting, the mounting bracket is also required via the instrument cluster.
  • Yes, this is possible. The only requirement is that the Navigator IV has the software version 4.90 or later. If necessary, the software on the Navigator IV can be updated via WebUpdater.
  • The Garmin Zumo 660 fits into the navigation preparation, which also supplies it with power. Operation via the Multi-Controller and all other special features of the Navigator IV or Navigator V are however not supported.
  • The Navigator V tank warning on the K 1600 GT / GTL is based on the range indicator which is transferred from the motorcycle. You can set the warning threshold of the navigator individually. It is independent of the K 1600 GT / GTL spare lamp. Whereas on the R 1200 GS, the tank warning is connected with the tank warning light of the motorcycle. The warning threshold of the Navigator V is therefore in connection with an R 1200 GS without function. The tank warning is emitted together with the reserve warning of the R 1200 GS.
  • No, this is not possible, as the 4-button Mount Cradle does not support the LIN Bus.
  • Yes. The holder of the navigation preparation on the 2013 R 1200 GS or later is fully compatible with the Navigator IV and Navigator V. The full scope of functionality of the Navigator V is supported.
  • Yes. The holder of the navigation preparation on the K 1600 GT / GTL is fully compatible with the Navigator IV and Navigator V. As the Navigator V has a bigger display than the Navigator IV, the instrument cover on the K 1600 GT / GTL motorcycles before 2014 (part number: 46 63 8 546 302) must be replaced. Only then does the entire screen of the Navigator V become visible. The matching cover for the navigation compartment can be obtained via the following part number: 46 63 8 546 367.

Operation and features

  • Yes, the Navigator V can calculate routes with lots of bends. After all, these are still the most attractive connections between two points.
  • The BMW Motorrad dealer database on your Navigator is updated once a year. You can download the most up-to-date version on the Navigator V page. To run the installation, simply copy the files onto your navigator. There are precise instructions included with the database.
  • You can download icons with the latest BMW Motorrad vehicles on the Navigator V page. At the moment, the R 1200 GS, K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL and R 1200 RT models are available in various colours.
  • On the K 1600 GT / GTL, the TMC updates are received by the motorcycle radio and transmitted from there to the Navigator V. As the R 1200 GS has no radio, the TMC updates are not available here.
  • The small triangles show that the respective function of the Navigator V can be activated by pressing and holding the MMC Controller. Either by pressing right or left – depending on the alignment of the triangle.
  • No, it is not possible to personalise the start screen.
  • No, the housing and the screen of the Navigator are resistant to fuel. You can simply carefully wipe off fuel splashes with a clean cloth.
  • The compass function of the Navigator is based on an electronic compass and not on a mechanical magnetic compass. This electronic compass determines the direction by finding the difference between two different position measurement points. If the Navigator does not move, there is obviously no difference and the compass direction cannot be determined. However, as soon as you start moving, the difference can be calculated. The compass displays the correct direction.
  • The BMW Motorrad Navigator does not support dead reckoning. This function is used in order to enable navigation by evaluating the tacho signal and a so-called "gyro" (a magnetic compass) even in situations where no satellite reception is possible. Like in a tunnel for instance.