Ideally equipped.

How your GS will become a trophy bike.

The International GS Trophy in Mongolia not only demands a lot from the riders. Motorcycles also facing great challenges and stresses. The R 1200 GS Rallye is up to all these demands – it is robust and versatile even with just its standard equipment. In order to be prepared for every situation, the bike is additionally equipped with original BMW Motorrad accessories, so that the participants can get through every terrain with even greater safety, reliability and comfort. We present you the accessories – so you can make your GS a real GS trophy bike.


  • Adjustable rider foot rests.

    Special GS Enduro footrests are available at the R 1200 GS Rallye for use in Mongolia. They offer you full comfort when you are riding sitting down. And when riding in a standing position, the spring-loaded pedal plate sinks down due to the rider's weight and the jagged outer contour of the footrests ensures perfect support on the footrest – for the best possible vehicle control at all times.     

  • Adjustable footbrake and gearshift levers.

    The trophy bike has been equipped with an adjustable footbrake lever and gearshift lever, which is particularly useful for riding with the Enduro boots in a standing position and contributes to an overall better handling of the bike in off-road conditions.  

  • Headlight guard.

    The headlight guard protects your light against flying stones in hard off-road use. Depending on the type of vehicle type approval road traffic approval, headlight guard may only be used off-road – with the snap-lock system, it can be installed and removed quickly and easily.     

  • Engine protection bar.

    The bike is also equipped with an engine protection bar – it is designed in such a way that it absorbs and distributes the forces optimally in the event of a fall. This prevents damage to both the cylinder and the entire engine. At the same time, it offers you a way to more easily raise the bike and it can be used as a pull point.     

  • Cylinder-head cover guard.

    The cylinder-head cover guard in stainless steel protects the cylinder head cover against scratches and flying stones, thereby ensuring that the motorcycle retains its value.     

  • Aluminium Enduro engine guard.

    Best protection for the heart of your GS: the Enduro aluminium engine guard shields the lower engine compartment from stone chips and protects the bike during bumps. It is considerably wider and longer as the series bash plate, and it strengthens the offroad character of the GS motorcycle.  


  • Bag for rear seat.

    And where do you put your luggage? The waterproof bag attached to the rear seat gives you 14 litres of stowage space and can be expanded to 18 litres. The advantage: In contrast to a tank bag, this bag won't bother you while riding – it doesn't negatively influence on the balance of your motorcycle on the passenger seat.  

  • Stainless steel luggage carrier.

    If you want to take your equipment and utensils with you, the stainless steel luggage carrier not only offers you versatile integration options for the Atacama soft luggage system and the aluminium luggage system, but also pull points for Enduro use.  

  • Large first-aid kit.

    The large first aid kit is an absolute must on board the R 1200 GS Rallye: it complies with the DIN standard for motorcycle first aid kits, is space-saving and packaged to be water-repellent.    

  • ADVANTEC Ultimate.

    With ADVANTEC original BMW engine oils, your motorcycle will ride the same as it did on the first day even after thousands of miles. It is perfectly attuned to your machine's engine. Because it was developed by the same specialists who built it.    

  • Radiator cowl.

    The riders of the International GS Trophy are all unique, and so are their bikes. This is because the radiator cowl, which is manufactured by 3D printing process, displays the participant number and the name of the rider. No two parts are alike. In addition, the International GS Trophy logo is integrated on the cover.  

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