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Let us present the custom builds from our participating dealers. Vote using the buttons below for your chance to win a set of high quality travel bags from BMW Motorrad.

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Dealer: Motorrad Center Stockholm – Stockholm Sweden

The Team: Micke, Douglas, Alberto

For us, the R Nine T is not just a type of bike, we can see the importance of the heritage family that the R Nine T represent. This type of bike was built to celebrate the iconic R models that have been rolling since the 30's and are still kicking all around the world.

So in this Dealer Build-off Challenge we wanted to make a tribute to the classic models, giving this fine 21st century's bike some old school design, but keeping the BMW DNA.

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JE 68:

Dealer: JE68 – Lüddeköpinge Sweden

Builders: Daniel Johansson, Marcus Karlsson, Tibor Volk & Jacob Westerlund    

Every now and then something special comes along that you just want to take out for a ride. Black Goldie is the cure, it is the treat for the modern person in the fast life of today.
Black Goldie gives the rider that unexplainable, mysterious thing that just makes you FEEL ALIVE and for this moment forget everything else. It is just the rider and this eye catching knight of darkness. Doesn't matter if you ride in the modern cities of today at the waterfront areas our in the outskirts of town on winding roads.

Black Goldie sure is something extraordinary... Makes you feel ALIVE.     

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Beviks Motorcyklar:

Dealer: Beviks Motorcyklar – Linköping Sweden

The Team:
Timmy Karlsson, Krister Johansson, Marcus Andersson, Henrik Nygren & Stefan Wass

The thought is to connect the build to our hometown of Linköping. For those who do not know, Linköping have strong roots within the aviation industry. Much thanks to Saab who has their development and production of their combat plane JAS 39 Gripen in our area. The Air Force and JAS Gripen will therefore inspire our build-off. 

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Bike Trollhättan:

Dealer: Bike Trollhättan – Trollhättan, Sweden

The Team: Krister Olsson, Johan Söderström, Niklas Rådberg, Quinton Stansfield. 

For our contribution to BMW Motorrad Dealer Build-Off competition, we chose to build a "Denim Edition" of the R nine T Urban G/S model.

All parts we have used for the build were purchased from BMW Motorrad, R&G Racing. To make it a project avalable for customers to do themselves. Apart from the custom paint job.

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Northbike Sundsvall:

Dealer: Northbike Sundsvall  – Sundsvall Sweden

The team: Greger, Daniel & Jörgen

Our build is a tribute to the Swedish army and their bikes over the time and we have always imagined us that their bikes should look like this.

*Special custom paint with stickers that really says “army”

*Machined covers

*Tires that are made for offroad use

*Custom made exhaust system look like a machine gun

*Solo seat whit a luggage rack

*Protection for the headlight

*Rubber boot on the front 

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Elit MC:

Dealer: Elit MC – Göteborg Sweden

Builders: Martin Erson, Ola Strandvad and Patrik Carvall

Don´t judge a bike by its (valve-)cover

To put the ELiT stamp on the bike it has to be built with focus on performance and function. To us form must follow function and just-show-no-go is not our cup of tea, at all.


In racing BMW has pushed the envelope and development during many, many years and we have the German company to thank for quite a lot of the technology that we take for granted on modern bikes of all brands.

Modern time.

How will the bike stack up against the modern 1000cc inline four superbikes on the tracks? We will give it an honest try. How about reliability under the extreme loads of modern racing?
One of the key points of this build is that anyone is supposed to be able to do the same. Or we should be able to do it for any customer. Anyone can order every part that is on this bike. We do this to be able to offer our customers what we learn on this project.

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Northbike Umeå:

Dealer: Northbike Umeå – Umeå Sweden

The team: BMW Technician Kim Rehn and his crew

Our bike is originally a BMW R Nine T Pure and the name of the bike is "Ride the lightning". Our inspiration comes from Metallica's timeless album cover for the classic album with the same name. We wanted the bike to be fast, quick, and have an attitude that is little bit more hard rock.  We really love the R Nine T and all the small personal changes that you can play with on the bike, so we didn’t want to change it too much.  We wanted to do something that everyone can do!

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Gerts Cykel & Motor:

Dealer: Gerts – Ängelholm Sweden

The idea behind this build is to show the customer that you can make this bike really cool without destroying anything on the bike, so make it original again if you want to.

Also use as many BMW original accessories as possible. So they come to us and buy original parts to make their bike cool. 

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Claessons Motor:

Dealer: Claessons Motor – Bromölla Sweden

The Team:
Bo, Rickard & Jennie

We’ve just started planning our makeover of the R nineT Racer for the BMW Build-Off project.

A whole new look (and sound) is in the making. Exciting!

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Lundgrens Motor:

Dealer: Lundgrens Motor – Avesta Sweden

The team: Robert Lundgren & Fredrik Kvarnstöm 

Since everyone that work at our company has a great passion and interest in racing motorbikes, we wanted to build a clean, light and high performance race bike with the appearance of a classic dirt track bike. We wanted to use the best products in term of both design and performance.

But we also wanted to create some unique touch to our bike with some custom made parts, which was produced with help from local companies.

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Carlbarks Motor:

Dealer: Carlbarks Motor – Kumla, Sweden

Name of the bike: Tribute bike

The Team: Peter, Torbjörn, Oswald

A tribute to the racing heritage within Carlbarks and the family history passing on the company from father to son for three generations.

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Alternativ 1 MC:

Dealer: Alternativ 1 MC – Kalmar, Sweden

Name of the bike: Lucifer

The Team: Mark, Patrik, Hans, Amanda, Annica & Lars    

The Story:

Creating enthusiasm for the brand and for our company by making our bike part of an aspirational and cool lifestyle
We are going to build a kick-ass cool Flat Track-inspired Nine T, keeping the brand identity of BMW Motorrad, but with a distinctive dealer sign..  

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Dealer: AMS MC – Aalesund Norway

Name of the bike: R9T Black Edition

The team: Kjetil (General Manager) and Trond (Sales) as well as Ronny and Pia has together done the planning of this project. 

What can we do with an already perfect built bike?
What colors? Should we really repaint it?

In the process of planning we have been looking on a few options, we been on and off on some solutions. And of course since it’s a retro bike the retro look is in the highest focus.
We have landed on a design, that we think will suit the bike’s DNA well and will be an eye catcher

We at AMS Motorsykkelsenteret AS are excited to do this build and can’t wait to get it done and show it to the crowd    

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MC Huset Nydal:

Dealer: MC Huset Nydal – Nydal Norway

The Team: Stine, Mads

It all started with a box marked with BMW Motorrad that we had delivered to our door. In the box it there was an invite to customize a Heritage bike and we picked out a BMW nine-T racer from our shop.

We had several good ideas for the build, but landed on the history of an airplane engines from an old warplane.

Paint job was made by the paintshop next door. The exhaust we shipped for ceramic coating in the color white. Air filter box had to go to get a more “lighter” look. And some custom parts was to be made in house.

We have more plans we want to complete, but we will see what is happening with the bike before the time is up.

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Ride Bergen:

Dealer: Ride Bergen – Bergen Norway

The Team:
Markus, Aigars, Jotsz and Marek

We are going for a Retro GS / Dakar variant with a mix of old and new. We try to make some of the parts ourselves in order to personalize the bike even more. 

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Speed Motorcenter:

Dealer: Speed Motorcenter – Sandefjord Norway    

The team: Yngve and Lars

The idea is to rebuild an Urban GS using elements to make it look even rougher and at same time exclusive.

The teaser sent out on social media shows some of the elements we going to use. Parts have been ordered but delivery time put the project on a little hold.

The bike is placed in the middle of our showroom so customers can see for themselves the progress from week to week. The mechanic is working on the bike each Friday after lunchtime.

At same time, photos will be taken for use on social media.

We have a rough idea in what direction the build will go but as usual the project is taking on a life of it's own…

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Mc Tuning:

Dealer: Mc Tuning – Trondheim Norway

The Team: Bjørn, Thore & Roar

We, the crew at MC-Tuning AS, the BMW dealer in Trondheim, Norway got to be a part of the Nordic BMW dealer build off 2019.

The crews thoughts and goal while undertaking the task of making the Racer into something unique was to sharpen its features, both in regards of appearance and its technological features, thus making it more of an edgy ride, visually and performance-wise. Some of the design elements used while going forth with this process was to incorporate the high exhaust tail-pipes of the R 1100 S and the iconic blue frame off the HP2 Sport.

Under the course of this process there was used parts that shows what BMW Motorrad can deliver and also what are to be found in the aftermarket.

This was also an opportunity for the crew at MC-Tuning to show-off some inn-house made parts and ideas.

So, what should one call a Racer that’s been sharpened, the answer is easy…  …RAZER!

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Tromsø Motor:

Winner BMW Motorrad Nordic Dealer Build Off 2019.

Winner BMW Motorrad Nordic Dealer Build Off 2019.

Dealer: Tromsø Motor – Tromsø Norway

Name of the bike: Black and Gold vol 2

The team: Jørgen, Morten, Jørgen and Jose

Our plan was reasonably clear when we got a BMW RnineT Pure. It was and developed last year's winning bike 5 notch better!

So we take our black and gold concept to new heights with more details and make a more complete bike.

The first idea behind the building is that the bike should look like it can come straight out of the BMW factory and be a bike customer wants and buy. The most important thing about a bike is that it is carried all the way. It should not look like something has been thrown on the bike. Everything should be well thought out.

You will see the rest when it is finished

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MC Oslo:

Dealer: MC Oslo – Oslo Norway

The Team:
Andreas & Thomas

We have dimmed the lighting in the workshop.

Let our beards grow and our tattoos out into the poorly lighted workshop. We will make the mediocre bike worse, by fitting ill performing tires, uncomfortable seats and Ludacris ergonomics.

We will use angle grinders in slow-mo and smoke cigarettes while looking like we are thinking hard. Our glasses are purely for esthetic reasons. Our coffee will be slow brew. Our beer will be home brew.

And our bike will be shit and have exhaust wrap for no reason!

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Jakhelln MC:

Dealer: Jakhelln MC – Bodø Norway    

The Team:
Lasse & Stephen

We wanted to make a bike that not only look good in a show, but also rides well.

We thought abought what bike we wanted to have for our own use, since six months of the year everything is covered in snow here. Therefore, the bike had to be able to be ridden in the wintertime on studded tires.

The bike’s name is «Sleipnir» and since a true Norwegian will be riding it, the bike had to have a Viking theme.

(In Norse mythology, Sleipnir (Old Norse "slippy" or "the slipper") is an eight-legged horse ridden by Odin. The fastest horse in the world)    

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Xpedit Ølgod:

Dealer: Xpedit Ølgod – Ølgod Denmark

Builders: Erik, Kurt & Jan

We started out with a Pure with 719 option, we would make it even more raw, but still keep it exclusive by option 719.

We have taken a nice diamond and made it more awesome to look at. 

What have we done:

We have built 16 ”wire rims with large tires, smaller radiator so you can see more of option 719 on the engine, black front fork with a smaller front guard, LED headlight, small turn signals with integrated position light and brake light, black handlebar, power wrap on the exhaust and a short tailpipe, awesome custom paintjob, and custom solo seat with gold R nineT on it, number plate holder on the  side, small mirrors and much more. 

We are very pleased with the result.   

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Xpedit CPH:

Dealer: Xpedit CPH – Copenhagen Denmark

Builders: Jesper, Mads and Jacob

Mid-January, winter is upon us, its cold, we cant wait to get out on the road again, and we are now well into our Build-Off project. We are very excited about the process, and cant wait to see the result of our efforts.

We were given a R NineT Racer, not the easiest bike to change into a cool custom Build-Off project.

So we thought! But we were so wrong.!

Our idea was to enhance the beauty of the Racers sleek lines, and honour the amazing design work the designers did with this bike. And not to over-do it. We also want to underline the Race-aspect of the bike, and decided to make it a little racier than stock.    

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Biketeam Tampere:

Dealer: Biketeam Tampere – Tampere Finland

The team: Juho Kartano, Manu Hollstén and Petri Lahti    

The Biketeam Tampere Build Off Team received a R NineT Racer as the basis for the project. The team, consisting of BMW Motorrad Sales Manager Tapio Rouhiainen, our former BMW chief mechanic Lasse Lehtonen who graciously has put huge effort into the project despite moving to new professional challenges outside the motorcycle business, Vesa Hautamäki our BMW mechanic and Mikko Ahola our spare parts and accessories guru started planning the direction of the bike in late 2018. After many wild ideas, we decided to put some more race into the racer. Upgraded Öhlins suspension with adjusted geometry, adjustable ergonomics, lighter bespoke wheels and lighter components aim to make the bike even better for carving the twisty back roads. Of course the look of the bike needs to match the performance and this part we are still working on.

The team is looking forward to finishing the bike and putting it on the road come spring time. Tapio will top his season with a bike ride to Glemseck 101 on the project Racer with a group of friends, each riding their own vision of a built bike.

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Biketeam Vantaa :

Dealer: Biketeam Vantaa – Vantaa Finland

The team: Tommi Turunen, Timo, Tomi   

We are building a bike to race at Glemseck101 1/8 mile race. It will be an uncomfortable machine but will look good. And looks is all what matters.

I'm building it, Timo (our trusted BMW mechanic) does all the hard work and Tomi pays, as you can see it from the picture...

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Biketeam Raisio :

Dealer: Biketeam Raisio – Raisio Finland

The team: Juho Kartano, Manu Hollstén and Petri Laht    

From the start of the project, it was clear to us that we design and manufacture the parts ourselves.

The bobber design is perfect our project, because there is not enough bobber style bikes build from R nineT.

In our team each individual will give equal effort what comes for the design and build.

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The vehicles shown here may be modified and equipped with third party custom parts and/or self-made components that are neither manufactured nor distributed or tested by BMW. BMW accepts no liability for such modifications (including installation, characteristics and use of the shown custom parts/components). ATTENTION: Modification of series vehicles (including installation and use of third-party custom parts and/or self-made components) may impair riding characteristics! Riding modified BMW vehicles is at your own risk.


Buy your own R nineT and customise it the way you want it to look like.

Contact your local dealer for more information.

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