Together, CAN bus technology and the BMW Motorrad Single Wire System represent a data network concept that requires just one single data line. This line connects various control units and can be compared to stops along a bus route (which is where the name "bus" technology comes from) - allowing permanent access to all data in the system.
The basic principle of this technology is that all control units, sensors and consumers are linked in a network via a single shared channel in which all signals converge, regardless of their future function. This network allows all information to be permanently available at any time for each of the components connected to it.
Riders also have access to the SWS data and can retrieve a great deal of information using the "Info flat screen". The information available on the digital display includes the gear engaged, fuel level, oil temperature, time of day and distance remaining before reaching the fuel reserve. A photocell detects ambient brightness and automatically adjusts the lighting on the device according to the conditions. And analogue display fans will appreciate the cockpit: two round instruments with white dials display vehicle and engine speed.
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