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As strong as your willpower


Your BMW R 1300 GS Adventure

Show the world what you’re made of

Finally, you can go on all of the tours you’ve ever wanted to go on. In the way that suits you best. After all, you know that the technology fits the bill. You have never experienced a ride as smooth and light as this one on an Adventure bike. No other adventure has had such a comfortable start. You can reach any destination with the R 1300 GS Adventure.

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How do you want to travel the world?

Equipped for every adventure

Improved wind and weather protection
High windscreen/hand protector with integral flashing turn indicator as standard
30 litre fuel tank capacity
Enduro look:
Aluminium tubular rear frame
For any terrain
Robust hand-protector bar/highly integrated additional headlight
Perfect ergonomics:
Enduro features, such as the large engine guard, folding brake lever and adjustable gearshift lever, enduro footrests incl. passenger footrest
Improved visibility:
LED matrix headlight
Customisable for your adventure:
Defined docking points for a wide range of accessories
Perfect gearshifts:
Automated shift assistant (ASA)

It’s high time for personal growth

When you know you have the right equipment, you can face any challenge. Treacherous terrain, harsh weather conditions, and everything that spontaneity has in store for you on your travels are all a breeze with the enduro package Pro. The Riding Assistant ensures that you won’t have any nasty surprises. Thanks to the warnings issued by the modern radar system, you can take every hurdle with ease, because you have the safety, peace of mind, and technology you need for the trip of a lifetime.

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The ground is always within reach

The adaptive vehicle height control ensures that you can reach the ground more easily, and also offers simplified handling. After driving off, your R 1300 GS Adventure automatically lifts itself by 30 millimetres. Shortly before you stop, it lowers itself again, so that you can easily get off the bike and put your R 1300 GS Adventure on the centre stand with the help of the comfort lift assistance.

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Developed for an enhanced riding experience

The automated shift assistant (ASA)

With the automatic clutch operation, driving off and stopping is easier than ever. As an alternative to manually changing gears using the gearshift lever, the gearshift process can also be done fully automatically, so that you can concentrate entirely on your adventure.

The automated shift assistant elevates your riding experience to a new level with precise gear changes. You can look forward to perfect gear changes and smoother drivability in all situations in a way that suits the riding mode you have selected.

Your drive, your adventure

kW (145 hp) at 7,750 rpm
Nm max. torque at 6,500 rpm
cc displacement
kg kerb weight
Air/liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine

Obstacles become a question of attitude

Ride for longer, get further. The 145-horsepower boxer can take you right to the heart of your adventure. You are completely focused, and you have stamina. Your R 1300 GS Adventure can do some of the thinking for you, as well as issuing a signal for the vehicles behind in the event of an impending collision, and can warn you about obstacles ahead. When combined with the Headlight Pro, you’ll always know what to expect.

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Ready for a personal adventure

More lashing eyes, docking elements, and storage than ever. The R 1300 GS Adventure forms the basis of your future tours. The wide selection of bags, luggage, cases and holders allows you to choose the right equipment for your own personal adventure, which can be attached to your bike seamlessly.

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This is what adventure sounds like

Every appearance makes a statement

Your adventure, in colour

Choose the right design for your R 1300 GS Adventure and pick the variant that suits your great adventure in all aspects of your vision.

Racing red solid paint

Designed for adventure; from the silver fuel tank, right up to the black-and-red seat. Complemented by hand protection extensions, which are also in red, and the black handlebar and wheel rims, this variant is a real head-turner.

GS Trophy

The sporty character can be seen in all aspects, from the Racing Blue metallic paint colour, right down to the tapes in Light White and Racing Red. The high, black-and-red rider's seat is complemented by the hand protection extensions, which are also in red.

Triple Black

The elegance of this variant begins at the handlebar, and continues all the way to the black rim tape. The fuel tank in a tinted clear coat, as well as the comfort seat in black and grey and the engine bar with silver-coloured inserts mean that the Triple Black variant makes an impressive visual statement.

Option 719 Karakorum

The exclusive Aurelius Green metallic paintwork contrasts elegantly with the gold-coloured linework and the “Option 719” badge on the tank cover. The grille on the additional headlights and the black-and-grey comfort seat round out the aesthetic of this variant.

Reach for your goals

It’s clear as day: your goals are ambitious. The footrests give you safe footing, and the comfort seat gives you the time you need to reach your goals. After all, it offers you a comfortable and secure seating position. Your knees rest comfortably against the contours of the fuel tank, as if they were made for each other. The capacity of the tank will take you anywhere you want to go. However you want to do it. The wide range of docking elements, such as lashing eyes and storage compartments, serve as the interface to your great adventure.

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For the trip of your lifetime

The Adventurer

A motorcycle that can do some of the thinking for you? Yes. With the Innovation package, your R 1300 GS Adventure is more intelligent than ever. You are prepared to handle all situations. You can follow your own instincts, as the riding modes offered by the Dynamics package, together with the shift assistant Pro, can perfect your driving style. Explore the recommendations, including the additional equipment for travelling, or configure your own!

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Dynamics package

The dynamics package allows the rider to exploit the full potential of the sporty bike. Thanks to the shift assistant Pro and the freely configurable riding modes Pro, every trip can be made into an even greater experience. Moreover, the sports brake wins riders over with its sporty aesthetic, optimal handling, and safety.

Innovation package

The Innovation package equips the bike with intelligent safety technologies. The Riding Assistant monitors the surroundings using radar sensors, providing the basis for functions such as the ACC, lane change warning, and rear collision warning. The improved matrix headlight ensures optimal illumination in any driving situation.

Cross-spoked wheels

The cross-spoked wheels with a black anodised wheel rim ring combine excellent off-road capabilities with an iconic aesthetic. The crossing stainless steel spokes create a wheel that is both stable and elastic. These qualities are especially advantageous on ambitious off-road trips.

Tank bag, black

The black 12-litre tank bag is the perfect companion for shorter and longer tours with its payload of up to 5 kg. The sturdy rucksack with a watertight inner bag can be latched securely onto the tank without belts, and it is resistant to both weather influences and UV radiation.

Radiator cowl bag, black

The black radiator cowl bag offers practical storage space for smaller items that you need to access quickly when riding. The sturdy bag can be attached securely to the radiator cowl without belts, and is particularly tear-resistant and durable, and is also resistant to water, weather influences, and dirt.

Aluminium case

Aluminium case, silver, 36.5 l + 37 l, electrified

The robust aluminium case offers over 73 litres of storage space. With practical details, such as an integrated USB-C charging socket, a payload of up to 10 kg on each side, and plenty of space for a helmet, they are particularly useful on longer journeys.


Volume expansion for the aluminium case, silver, 20 l

The volume expansion for the silver aluminium case expands the case’s capacity by 10 litres on both the left and right sides. The volume expansion is installed between the body and cover of the case, and thanks to the BMW locking system, it is securely attached to the cases.

Select your variant

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