Benefits at a Glance:

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Original BMW Motorrad parts
  • High-quality Original BMW ADVANTEC engine oil
  • Total cost transparency and protection against unexpected price rises
  • Increase in resale value
  • Valid in all participating countries worldwide
  • Transferable to new owner
  • Can be included in financing
  • Extented warranty keeps your mind at ease and can be purchased with any new BMW bike or up to 3 months after delivery
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What is included?

Oil Inclusive

Services includes:

Engine oil service

Service Inclusive:

Services includes:

First 1.000 km service

(Front) fork oil change

Gearbox oil change

Spark plug replacement

Brake fluid change

Air filter change

CVT belt replacement

Labour costs

Disposal of oil and parts

Expert oil filter change

Fuel filter change


All maintenance work includes BMW Motorrad original replacement parts and Original BMW ADVANTEC engine oil.  *Some services do not apply to all motorcycles.

Oil and Service Inclusive packages can be purchased with a new or used BMW motorcycle or at any time afterwards up until the motorcycle is 10 years old. BMW Motorrad Service Inclusive packages are ‘attached’ to the motorcycle so any remaining service benefits can be transferred to a new owner. The BMW Motorrad Service Inclusive programme also allows for repeat packages to be purchased (when an existing Service Inclusive package has expired or all services completed).

Warranty Extension:
Keeps your motorcycle safeguarded against defects during the contract period and can be purchased with the new bike or up to 3 months after delivery.

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Frequently asked questions.

How does it work?
  • When the contract is started, information is available right away in the BMW systems. No need for carrying documentation, membership card or similar. All authorized dealerships/workshops will automatically see that the bike has a valid contract when looking up the vehicle.
  • For Service Inclusive: The costs for the oil change or service work will be covered by BMW during the service appointment.
  • For Service Inclusive: Costs for oil change / service work will be covered from the starting day of the contract and until the contract ends 3/5 yrs or 30.000/50.000 km (whatever happens first).
  • For Service Inclusive: Normal service intervals (Yearly or every 10.000 km including first service/running-in check).
  • Warranty Extension: Technical defects on the bike will be covered by warranty as long as the maintenance schedule has been followed by the customer.
  • Wear and tear parts (such as tires, brake pads, brake discs) and repairs not related to technical defects are not covered by these contracts.
What is not covered in the Service Inclusive contract?

Examples of costs not covered: Valve clearance adjustment (if needed during service), worn tires, worn brake discs / brake pads, drive chain or sprockets, coolant change or top up.

Can there be additional costs involved during service work?

Yes, if the workshop finds worn parts of the bike that are not covered by the standard service interval. The workshop will present these or any other additional costs in advance or contact you during service as soon as additional things are found.

Can I choose to have the service/warranty work carried out at my preferred dealer?

Yes, the service/warranty work can be carried out at any authorized dealership/workshop worldwide.

Is a purchased service/warranty contract valid also outside my country?

Yes, the service/warranty work can be carried out at any authorized dealership/workshop worldwide.

Can I purchase a contract for my used bike?

Yes, Oil/Service Inclusive can be purchased for bikes up to 10 years old. Warranty Extension however must be purchased at the latest 3 months after the first delivery date.

Can I choose to have the service performed whenever I want?

The oil inclusive/service inclusive contracts covers service items due according to the official service intervals. Service items that you would like to have performed in between or outside the official intervals are not covered.


Terms and Conditions

1. BMW Motorrad Service Inclusive covers the cost of required original BMW parts, labour and oils for the following standard maintenance schedule items;

–Engine oil change with oil filter and refill quantity

–Service air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs

–Service brake fluid

–Service vehicle check according to BMW Motorrad specifications

2. Items not specifically mentioned above and items requiring replacement or repair due to excessive wear and tear or misuse are not covered by BMW Motorrad Service Inclusive.

3. Work carried out under the BMW Motorrad Service Inclusive programme will be indicated by the motorcycles on-board computer and BMW guidelines. Work must be carried out in line with BMW service schedules (copies of  which are available on request) which may be updated or vary from time to time according to the manufacturer’s instructions. According to the information in the owners manual"

4. Service intervals specified for the motorcycle must have been met and must have been performed in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer. Service must be due as indicated by the motorcycle’s service light before service work can be performed.

5. If the motorcycle has undergone any form of unapproved tuning or performance enhancement, any right to request services or parts under BMW Service Inclusive ceases with immediate effect.

6. Servicing must be carried out at a BMW Motorrad Service Authorised Workshop by BMW Approved Technicians.

7. BMW Motorrad Service Inclusive is transferable to subsequent owners of the motorcycle but is not transferable to another vehicle.

8. Costs paid for BMW Motorrad Service Inclusive are non-refundable.

9. Services provided by BMW Motorrad Road Assistance, statutory warranty claims as well as exclusions of warranty claims as stated in the conditions for sale for new vehicles remain unaffected.

10. Valid for new BMW Motorcycles purchased at registered dealers in the Nordic countries only. 

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